Protecting Your Family

One moment can change you and your family's life forever......Think before you text while driving. ...... it can wait, is it worth a life.......? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT ? !

About Us

Please join us in our goals, your grass roots advocacy group, or if you know of any local groups trying to stop the problems of Texting and Driving lets work together. TAF is here to provide support and pull us all together for a common goal.

The Texting Awareness Foundation, is a Federally recognized 501 (c) (3) Not for profit organization that was created in an effort to educate and remind people about the dangers of texting and driving. We are going to save countless lives.

The current laws that have been passed in over 1/2 of the United States, and all around the world, are not doing enough to stop people from texting while driving. The laws only work when you are caught by a police officer and then it is already too late. People need to police themselves and their loved ones.

Only you can stop yourself from texting and driving. We will help you remember, “it” can wait….. is “it” worth a life?

The Texting Awareness Foundation continues on the daily basis “The Remind You Campaign”
You need to be reminded every second of every day, “it can wait, is it worth a life ?” The Texting Awareness Foundation will remind you every chance we get.

You need to be remined while you are actually driving and by placing signs on the roads, billboards, bumper stickers, radio advertisements and thumb rings we can remind you.

We are conducting on site employee webinars to keep employees aware of the dangers and risks of texting and driving. We are placing posters and thumb rings at all exits at work facilities as a reminder before you get in your car.

We are partnering with High School Driver Education classes visiting to discuss and show our documentary to young people. Our new drivers need to know exactly what will happen if they text and drive. they will kill a friend, loved one or themselves. Using “scare you straight” tactics , if neccessary.

Also placing posters and thumb rings in the schools as a daily reminder to the students that texting while driving will kill.

We partner with radio, print and television campaigns are also being utilized to remind you as much as possible.

This is not about laws and rules to stop you. This is about You wanting to stop You realizing the dangers, You realizing what can happen when you are distracted from driving. While you are texting and driving you are not only distracted you are not even looking at the road.

With every law passed the danger becomes greater, since now you are hiding the act of texting, it is against the law and you do not want to be caught, so you hide your texting device even lower than before lowering your line of site from the road to the floor of your vehicle.

What are you looking at? …… the road?